Don’ts at the Gym

I recently joined a gym and I have been going about 3 times a week. Part of my work out is to power walk on the treadmill at a steep incline. I’ve noticed that other gym-goers like this too, but many are making a common mistake. It drives me crazy when I see women hanging on to the bar while walking up hill. This is actually doing nothing for them (except maybe an arm work out). If you’re trying to burn calories and burn fat and strengthen your legs, then DON’T hang on with your hands. You might as well be walking on a flat surface.

Here’s some technical info as to why you DON’T want to hold on while walking at a incline on the treadmill. It makes the exercise easier and less intense, therefore you aren’t burning as many calories. If you’re holding on, you’re probably leaning back, which means your body is perpendicular to the treadmill, and the fact that the treadmill is at an incline is negated. You’re not improving your body’s ability to balance. You are more likely to get injured because your body is out of proper alignment. Lastly, your lower back muscles are not being used to stabilize your body and strength your core, so they become weak.

Don’t hold on and have a great work out!