In the last couple months, I’ve got a lot of hair chopped off, which is not at all what I wanted. Why is it that hairdressers never give you what you ask for? Is it really not possible? Maybe I’m just too demanding? Whenever I go in to get my hair done, I feel like I don’t ask a lot. A little lighter there, a little shorter here. But I always manage to walk out with something drastically different than when I walked in. Something inexplicable happens when you’re sitting in that chair…

I think part of the problem is that hairdressers don’t listen. Well, to be more fair, humans don’t listen. We have a tendency to talk about ourselves and think about ourselves and not put a lot of effort into understand another human. But obviously this is a trait we can work on. Listening. If hairdressers listened to what their client is asking for, I think we could have a pretty simple solution here. The thing is that hairdressers tend to do what they think looks good. But you yourself have a specific idea of what you think looks good on you. And your hairdresser needs to understand what that is! Alright ladies, next time you’re in the chair, make sure your hairdresser knows what you want to see yourself look like, before any snipping or coloring happens!


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