Cleavage Peep Hole

So the dress code at my work says I have to wear collared shirts. Some lazy people just wear polos (seriously?) but I try to look a little nicer and wear dress shirts. But I have this awful problem. I’m actually not trying to brag or be conceded because this is an actual problem. But the shirts I buy seem to be so tight around the boobs that the space between the buttons pops out and there’s a big hole. The “cleavage peep hole” – not so professional looking for the workplace. I have a medium chest, so I can only imagine that it gets worse for some ladies. Most of the shirts I have, I need to wear a safety pin to keep the shirt from busting open at the boobs. I can’t be the only one with this problem, right? It’s like come on, the people who design these clothes MUST be women, and they must be smart women, so why don’t they add extra fabric? I mean most jeans you buy add extra space at the waist for hips, so why not add a little space for boobs? Maybe the shirts I’m buying are way too cheap, but there could also be an opportunity here to make professional, cheap, women’s dress shirts that allow for some chest.


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