My Boyfriend’s Difficulties in Relaying Information

My boyfriend has difficulty giving me details. And this makes it soo difficult if he is planning something for the both of us. He often leaves out details which he deems insignificant, yet they make all the different to me.

For example, he told me that his friend Jake is visiting from out of town. So I said, oh hey, a bunch of our friends are getting together for drinks on Saturday night, so invite him to join. Then my boyfriend invites Jake (and Jake’s wife). See, before the invitation was put out there, my boyfriend neglected to tell me that Jake’s wife was also in town. So now the two of them are invited to drinks on Saturday. Which isn’t a big deal, but it does change things right? If one person shows up and doesn’t know anyone else, then that one person is forced to engage with others and join in the conversation. But if a couple comes, who don’t know anyone else, they are more likely to talk to each other and not engage. The dynamic is different. Am I crazy?

The other issue is when my boyfriend says he talks about me to his boss or our mutual friends. He’ll tell me the vague idea about what he said, but then later I’ll find out a detail that he told someone about me, which I didn’t know they knew.

I’m writing this now thinking maybe I’m overreacting and controlling? It can’t be just me. Women like to know and need to know more details than men.

..Well according to this website



Why are beards in style now? Do girls love beards? Am I the only girl in the world who isn’t attracted to guys with beards? I just don’t understand. I think men look much more clean cut, professional, and mature when they’re are clean shaven. But maybe that’s the point. Maybe they don’t want to look clean cut, professional, and mature. But I definitely don’t understand that.

It’s actually a fact that women are instinctively more attracted to men who look like successful, professional men. This goes back to hunter/gatherer days. Women would want a man who is going to be her PROVIDER. Therefore, she’s looking for someone who can provide her food and shelter. In this day and age, a “provider” is a man who is successful in his career, because he can afford to give a women food and shelter. So this is why women are more attracted to men who look successful. Also, as a side note, men are attracted to women who look young, because therefore they look fertile, and men are instinctively attracted to women who will make a family for them.

That being said, if women are attracted to males who look successful, why do all these guys walk around with beards? Maybe it’s just my personal opinion that beards don’t make a man look successful. I guess I’m just curious, are these bearded men in serious, long-term relationships?

Drop the Weights

So I’m at the gym, doing my thing.. and then SLAM. Some guy thinks he’s really cool by dropping the weights on the machine he’s using, which makes a really loud, sharp noise. Does anyone else get upset by this? It scares me like every time. Even if I’m listening to music. Do other people just play their music so loud they can’t hear it? But seriously. WHY do guys do this? My theories: 1) they are weak and literally can’t hold the weights up any longer. 2) they are trying to be super cool and macho and show everyone in the gym they’re a tough guy. 3) they suck. 4) they don’t know how to use the machine. 5) they’re competing against other guys for who can make the loudest noise. PLEASE stop, I want to (somewhat) enjoy my time at the gym.