More on My Boss

Generally, my boss is cool and friendly and we get along, so I really like her. But here are a couple other things that drive me crazy…

If she had suggestions on a report or a presentation, she used to call me and ask me to come into her office. No problem. Great. But lately, she has been coming into my office. Normally, this wouldn’t be a problem, but I share an office with four other people. That means there’s five people and five desks in one room. So when my boss comes in to give me corrections, the other people in my office can hear everything. Um so why doesn’t she notice that this is embarrassing for me?

The other thing is that I’ll send her drafts of reports and slides for presentations and calculations and whatever else so that she can look it over and give me suggestions. I’ll be sure to do this¬†before we have a meeting. But more than once, I’ll show up at the meeting and she’ll say something like well it would be really helpful if you could include this. Um HELLOO?! that’s why I sent it to you beforehand, so you could tell me about it when I actually had time to do something about it….


My Boss

So my boss likes to micromanage me. Everyone hates this. Whenever I write a report, it goes through at least two or three drafts. I’ll write the first draft, and then she’ll edit it and give me notes, and then I’ll send her the second draft. I feel like at this point, this is the logical place to stop editing and drafting. However, after I send her the second draft, she gives it back to me with even more notes. So annoying. And it’s her own fault, like if she has more comments, why didn’t she notice them the first time? The worst is when I change something because of the notes she gave me, and then she says to delete it or it doesn’t make sense, without even knowing that it was her who made me put that in. So frustrating.

The other thing is that she never thinks something is finished until I run it by other people in the company. Well she’s my boss, so¬†shouldn’t she be confident enough to say when a report or some calculations are finished? She’s high enough at the company that we shouldn’t need others’ approval to call something “done”. She obviously doesn’t understand what this means to me, because I’m trying hard to please her but she doesn’t know what it is to please her, it has to come from someone else. It makes it pretty hard on me…

Cleavage Peep Hole

So the dress code at my work says I have to wear collared shirts. Some lazy people just wear polos (seriously?) but I try to look a little nicer and wear dress shirts. But I have this awful problem. I’m actually not trying to brag or be conceded because this is an actual problem. But the shirts I buy seem to be so tight around the boobs that the space between the buttons pops out and there’s a big hole. The “cleavage peep hole” – not so professional looking for the workplace. I have a medium chest, so I can only imagine that it gets worse for some ladies. Most of the shirts I have, I need to wear a safety pin to keep the shirt from busting open at the boobs. I can’t be the only one with this problem, right? It’s like come on, the people who design these clothes MUST be women, and they must be smart women, so why don’t they add extra fabric? I mean most jeans you buy add extra space at the waist for hips, so why not add a little space for boobs? Maybe the shirts I’m buying are way too cheap, but there could also be an opportunity here to make professional, cheap, women’s dress shirts that allow for some chest.