Why are beards in style now? Do girls love beards? Am I the only girl in the world who isn’t attracted to guys with beards? I just don’t understand. I think men look much more clean cut, professional, and mature when they’re are clean shaven. But maybe that’s the point. Maybe they don’t want to look clean cut, professional, and mature. But I definitely don’t understand that.

It’s actually a fact that women are instinctively more attracted to men who look like successful, professional men. This goes back to hunter/gatherer days. Women would want a man who is going to be her PROVIDER. Therefore, she’s looking for someone who can provide her food and shelter. In this day and age, a “provider” is a man who is successful in his career, because he can afford to give a women food and shelter. So this is why women are more attracted to men who look successful. Also, as a side note, men are attracted to women who look young, because therefore they look fertile, and men are instinctively attracted to women who will make a family for them.

That being said, if women are attracted to males who look successful, why do all these guys walk around with beards? Maybe it’s just my personal opinion that beards don’t make a man look successful. I guess I’m just curious, are these bearded men in serious, long-term relationships?


Cleavage Peep Hole

So the dress code at my work says I have to wear collared shirts. Some lazy people just wear polos (seriously?) but I try to look a little nicer and wear dress shirts. But I have this awful problem. I’m actually not trying to brag or be conceded because this is an actual problem. But the shirts I buy seem to be so tight around the boobs that the space between the buttons pops out and there’s a big hole. The “cleavage peep hole” – not so professional looking for the workplace. I have a medium chest, so I can only imagine that it gets worse for some ladies. Most of the shirts I have, I need to wear a safety pin to keep the shirt from busting open at the boobs. I can’t be the only one with this problem, right? It’s like come on, the people who design these clothes MUST be women, and they must be smart women, so why don’t they add extra fabric? I mean most jeans you buy add extra space at the waist for hips, so why not add a little space for boobs? Maybe the shirts I’m buying are way too cheap, but there could also be an opportunity here to make professional, cheap, women’s dress shirts that allow for some chest.

Drop the Weights

So I’m at the gym, doing my thing.. and then SLAM. Some guy thinks he’s really cool by dropping the weights on the machine he’s using, which makes a really loud, sharp noise. Does anyone else get upset by this? It scares me like every time. Even if I’m listening to music. Do other people just play their music so loud they can’t hear it? But seriously. WHY do guys do this? My theories: 1) they are weak and literally can’t hold the weights up any longer. 2) they are trying to be super cool and macho and show everyone in the gym they’re a tough guy. 3) they suck. 4) they don’t know how to use the machine. 5) they’re competing against other guys for who can make the loudest noise. PLEASE stop, I want to (somewhat) enjoy my time at the gym.


In the last couple months, I’ve got a lot of hair chopped off, which is not at all what I wanted. Why is it that hairdressers never give you what you ask for? Is it really not possible? Maybe I’m just too demanding? Whenever I go in to get my hair done, I feel like I don’t ask a lot. A little lighter there, a little shorter here. But I always manage to walk out with something drastically different than when I walked in. Something inexplicable happens when you’re sitting in that chair…

I think part of the problem is that hairdressers don’t listen. Well, to be more fair, humans don’t listen. We have a tendency to talk about ourselves and think about ourselves and not put a lot of effort into understand another human. But obviously this is a trait we can work on. Listening. If hairdressers listened to what their client is asking for, I think we could have a pretty simple solution here. The thing is that hairdressers tend to do what they think looks good. But you yourself have a specific idea of what you¬†think looks good on you. And your hairdresser needs to understand what that is! Alright ladies, next time you’re in the chair, make sure your hairdresser knows what you want to see yourself look like, before any snipping or coloring happens!

Don’ts at the Gym

I recently joined a gym and I have been going about 3 times a week. Part of my work out is to power walk on the treadmill at a steep incline. I’ve noticed that other gym-goers like this too, but many are making a common mistake. It drives me crazy when I see women hanging on to the bar while walking up hill. This is actually doing nothing for them (except maybe an arm work out). If you’re trying to burn calories and burn fat and strengthen your¬†legs, then DON’T hang on with your hands. You might as well be walking on a flat surface.

Here’s some technical info as to why you DON’T want to hold on while walking at a incline on the treadmill. It makes the exercise easier and less intense, therefore you aren’t burning as many calories. If you’re holding on, you’re probably leaning back, which means your body is perpendicular to the treadmill, and the fact that the treadmill is at an incline is negated. You’re not improving your body’s ability to balance. You are more likely to get injured because your body is out of proper alignment. Lastly, your lower back muscles are not being used to stabilize your body and strength your core, so they become weak.

Don’t hold on and have a great work out!