Amazon Prime

So I’m one of those chicks who buys everything from Amazon. Come on, it’s so much easier to sit at home and browse all the options and buy what you want with a few clicks of the mouse. And with Amazon Prime, shipping is free, so it’s not costing you anything extra to order online. Super convenient. My only complaint is that the Prime “Free Two-Day Shipping” isn’t always two days- am I wrong? I went to order something today (Wednesday) and the item was marked Prime, but when I went to check out it said that I would receive the item on Monday, not Friday or Saturday. That doesn’t seem like a true two-day shipping if you ask me. And this isn’t the first time I’ve come across this either. I’ve ordered items that were Prime and then they arrived like four days later. But then other times, I’ve had items delivered on Sundays. So, I know what you’re thinking, I’m probably not taking into account non-business days, but that doesn’t seem to matter for other products. Some products I’ll order on a Friday, and they’ll show up Sunday. But today I ordered something on a Wednesday that won’t come until Monday? I really do love Amazon, but come on, stay true to your word!