More on My Boss

Generally, my boss is cool and friendly and we get along, so I really like her. But here are a couple other things that drive me crazy…

If she had suggestions on a report or a presentation, she used to call me and ask me to come into her office. No problem. Great. But lately, she has been coming into my office. Normally, this wouldn’t be a problem, but I share an office with four other people. That means there’s five people and five desks in one room. So when my boss comes in to give me corrections, the other people in my office can hear everything. Um so why doesn’t she notice that this is embarrassing for me?

The other thing is that I’ll send her drafts of reports and slides for presentations and calculations and whatever else so that she can look it over and give me suggestions. I’ll be sure to do thisĀ before we have a meeting. But more than once, I’ll show up at the meeting and she’ll say something like well it would be really helpful if you could include this. Um HELLOO?! that’s why I sent it to you beforehand, so you could tell me about it when I actually had time to do something about it….